West Covina, CA


Redbud Hills, Bloominton, IN

Saying good-bye to good friend, Betsy, at Bridgecreek.
Saying "good-bye" to old neighbors, Dorthoy & Madelyn, in Alhambra.
Driving 413 miles the first day, we camped in the pines near Flagstaff Arizona.

Our second campground was in Allbuquerque, New Mexico...only 352 miles further.

Our next two campgrounds were

  • Elk City, Oklahoma (435 miles)
  • Lebanon, Missouri (425 miles)
After 2,107 miles we made it to Bloomington....before the furniture left California.

We stayed at my house until the furniture arrived.

Flick loved to have someone there to watch TV.

A week later the moving van brought the funiture. This 51 foot truck backed up the steep curvy driveway to Redbud.
We unpacked in one day.

See the apartment at Redbud before and after the furniture arrived.

Kitchen area
Bedroom area
Living Room Area
Getting her first phone call
Even though we unpacked in one day, it took a while to find a place for everything
The view from the apartment.



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